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Timeline & Notable Graduates


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • Styvesant defeats Clinton, 14-6
    SHS football team vanquishes Clinton, lead by Bosco and Cimino to a 14-6 triumph.
  • Peace essay contest awards go to SHS graduates Robert Brand, Robert Dobrow, and Paul Levine at a United Nations ceremony.
  • SHS graduates Arthur Schleifer, Henry G. Schaefer, and Stuart A. Hendrix build revolving chair for Presbyterian Hospital Cancer Unit.

'51 Notable Graduates

  • David A. Halperin, MD '51 Clinical professor, Psychiatry, Mt. Sinai Medical School; editor, Psychodynamic Perspectives on Religion, Sect, and Cult; writer, Cultic Studies Journal; board member, American Family Foundation
  • Albert Kabot '51 Chairman, Economics Department, Hunter College
  • Lawrence S. Lerner, PhD '51 Professor, Physics and Astronomy, California State University; Author, Physics for Scientists and Engineers; science education consultant
  • Kenneth D. Levy '51 Chairman, PowerDsine; founder/chairman KLA-Tencor, producer of semiconductor manufacturing instrumentation
  • Serphin Maltese '51 NY State Senator, 15th District in Queens; Infantryman, Korean War; member, American Legion, Catholic War Veterans, Korean War Veteran's Ass'n., Veterans of Foreign Wars, and Vietnam Veterans of America; chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Elections; co-founder, NY State Conservative Party; President's Medals, St. John’s University and LaGuardia Community College; Man of the Year, Commission for Social Justice
  • Martin D. Rubenstein, Esq. '51 Broker and Consultant, MDR Business Brokerage
  • Harold I. Steinberg '51 Associate Director for Management, Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan Administration; Director, Office of Federal Financial Management, Bush (1) and Clinton Administrations; Partner, Peat Marwick
  • Peter Vlachos ’51 President, Austin Investment Management; VP, Hellenic American Neighborhood Action Committee

The Wider World

  • Dec.16, 1950, President Truman proclaims a national state of emergency in order to fight "Communist imperialism."
  • June 1951, First commercial computer, UNIVAC I, delivered to the Census Bureau.


'52 Notable Graduates

  • Norman Amaker, Esq. Jan '52 Civil rights lawyer
  • Stephen M. Aug, '52 Journalist. Business correspondent/anchor, ABC News; Business editor/assistant managing editor, Washington Star.
  • Sam E. Beller ’52 President, Diversified Programs Inc.; Executive Committee, American Friends of the Open University of Israel
  • Alfred N. Blumberg '52 President, Tetrahedron Associates
  • David A. Braver ‘52 Philanthrpoist;President, Braver Stern Securities
  • Gerald D. Cohen '52 Founder President and CEO, Information Builders, NY, NY; Chairman, NY Software Industry Association
  • Kenneth H. Keller, PhD ’52 President, University of Minnesota; Professor, Science, Technology, and Public Policy; member, Commission of Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications, National Research Council; National Academy of Engineering
  • Roy Innes '52 National chairman, Congress for Racial equality; Board of Advisors, Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education; Korean War Veteran
  • Robert Moses '52 The Algebra Project (with Harvard) and Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964 for The Council on Federated Organizations; worked for Ministry of Education, Tanzania from 1969-1976
  • Alvin F. Poussaint, MD '52 Professor/Dean, Harvard Medical School; consultant, Bill Cosby programs; director, Media Center, Boston's Judge Baker Children's Center; New England Emmy for children's special, Willoughby's Wonders; co-author, Raising Black Children, Lay My Burden Down; race relations expert, prejudice, and diversity; fellow, Amer. Psychiatric Ass'n, Amer. Ass'n for the Advancement of Science
  • Peter Samton FAIA '52 His firm is co-architect of the new Stuyvesant HS building
  • Bernard Seabrooks '52 Producer, CBS News; Director of Programs, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sports Channel (HSE) Chief (Director) National Park Service Film & Audiovisual Division
  • Thomas F. Weiss, PhD '52 Professor, Electrical and Bioengineering, MIT; principal investigator, Research Laboratory of Electronics, Micromechanics Group; member, Eaton-Peabody Laboratory, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

The Wider World

  • Sep. 4, 1951, President Truman speaks in first coast-to-coast live television broadcast
  • Dec. 20 1951, First peacetime atomic power generated in Idaho
  • Grace Murray Hopper develops A-0, the first compiler.
  • June 10, 1952, the Equal Pay Act establishes equal pay for men and women performing the same job duties


'53 Notable Graduates

  • Mark D. Alper, PhD '53 Senior Scientist and Division Deputy of the Material Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Anthony DiBiase '53 Welterweight Golden Gloves Champion
  • Henry Breitrose, PhD ’53 Professor, Stanford University graduate program, documentary film and television; NBC European Production Unit, BBC, Thames Television; Consultant, French National Television system, National Film Board of Canada, Asian Institute for Broadcast Development, and Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Founding editorial board member, Quarterly Review of Film Studies; founding general editor, Cambridge Studies in Film
  • Frank Conroy '53 Director, Iowa Writers Workshop; Author, Body and Soul, containing a Stuyvesant HS related chapter, and Stop Time; Accomplished jazz pianist
  • David Durk '53 NYPD Officer/Reformer, working with Frank Serpico and after
  • Stanley Friedman '53 Bronx Borough President
  • Paul Frommer '53 Insurance Sales, self-employed independent broker
  • John F. Gault '53 EVP, Time Warner Cable; OpVista advisory board
  • Emanuel Gold '53 Member, NYS Senate (23 years!)
  • Norman E. Goldstein, PhD '53 Sonoma grape grower, Carigger Creek Vineyards; Senior Scientist and Division Deputy of the Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • Neil Grabois '53 VP/Director, Strategic Planning and Program Coordination, Carnegie Corp.; President, Colgate University
  • James Kushner, MD '53 Professor/Chief, Hematology, University of Utah Medical School
  • Nick Meglin (Megiola) '53 Co-editor, MAD Magazine; artist; author, Drawing from Within: Unleashing Your Creative Potential
  • Sol Stern '53, P'02 & '04 Editor/writer, Breaking Free: Public School Lessons and the Imperative of School Choice; contributing editor, City Journal
  • Peter Salzer '53 Actor TV/Film/Stage, Breaking Vegas; impersonator, George Burns; stand-up comic
  • Howard Silverman '53 Chairman/CEO, Gruntal Financial Investment; director, Valera Pharmaceuticals, Work Wear Corp., and Carteret Savings Bank; Trustee, Long Island University; charter member, Financial Analysts Federation.
  • Herbert S. Terrace '53 Professor, psychology, Columbia University; expert, primate communication
  • Bruno Wassertheil '53 CBS radio correspondent, Israel, Middle East reporting

The Wider World

  • Nov. 1952, On television, a Univac I predicts the outcome of the presidential election. It likes Ike!
  • June 19, 1953, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed for passing secret information about U.S. atomic weaponry to the Soviets.
  • July 27, 1953, Korean armistice agreement is signed.


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • Fred Schoenberg is promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the HS Division.
  • Jacob Wortman
    Jacob Wortman takes over as Acting Principal.
  • Interior work is done, remodeling classrooms and shops, and installing a new library and lunchrooms.
  • New Stuyvesant HS Alumni Association is established, led by Dr. Irving C. Fischer '27, a prominent NY OB-GYN.
  • All but a few graduates go on to higher education, a Stuyvesant norm now.
  • Football wins City Championship.
  • Undefeated Math team wins City. Fencing is PSAL Champion.
  • Chess Team is City Champion.
  • Baseball beats Franklin in the third playoff game to win the Manhattan Championship.
  • Fiftieth Anniversary of Stuyvesant HS in June '54.

'54 Notable Graduates

  • Charles Aronowitz, Esq. '54 Immigration attorney; musician--keyboard, timpani and other percussion in a variety of groups, including David Randolph's '32 Masterwork Chorus; chess club and certified senior level tournament director; amateur astronomer, variable star observer
  • Larry Bensky '54 Print & community radio journalist; Teacher, communication and media studies, Cal State, Hayward and Stanford; Pacifica Radio national affairs correspondent, Sunday Salon host; awards: George Polk (Iran-Contra coverage), five Gold Reels (National Ass'n of Community Broadcasters), lifetime achievement award (Society of Professional Journalists), and Golden Gadfly (Media Alliance) ; political writer/columnist, East Bay Express
  • Irv Brazinsky, PhD '54 Professor, chemical engineering, Cooper Union; Co-inventor, Cooper-Cool rapid beverage cooler
  • Joseph Dorinson ’54 & T'63 Professor, history, Long Island University; Author, Jackie Robinson: Race, Sports and the American Dream and Paul Robeson: Essays on His Life and Legacy
  • David Milton Goldenberg, PhD, MD '54 Founder/president, Garden State Cancer Center; cancer researcher; Chairman, Immunomedics
  • Edward N. Halperin, MD '54 Psychiatrist, Jewish Child Care Association, NY
  • Alan Heim '54 TV/Film editor, American History X; Academy Award (All That Jazz); Emmy Award (Holocaust, mini-series)
  • Edward Morrison, Esq. '54 NYC Deputy Mayor in Lindsay administration; Chairman, NYS Crime Victims Compensation Board
  • Aryeh Neier '54 President, Open Society Institute, Soros Foundation; national director, American Civil Liberties Union; founder/executive director, Human Rights Watch
  • Bernard W. Nussbaum, Esq. '54 Partner, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz; Assistant United States Attorney, Southern District of New York; Senior staff member, House Judiciary Committee, during "Watergate" impeachment inquiry; Counsel to the President of the United States, Clinton Administration; Lecturer, Columbia University Law School
  • Joe Paletta '54 Olympic, NCAA, U.S, National and Stuyvesant HS fencer; Men’s Individual NCAA Foil Champion (1959)
  • Herbert J. Stern '54 US District Court Judge, NJ; led Malcom X murder investigation; partner, Stern & Greenberg; Clarence Darrow Award for public speaking; special coun,Iran-Contra indictments against Lt. Colonel Oliver North

The Wider World

  • Feb 23, 1954, Dr. Jonas E. Salk reports the success of the polio vaccine.
  • May 17, 1954, The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, unanimously declares segregation illegal in Brown v. Board of Education (Topeka, Kansas).


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • Principal Dr. Leonard J. Fliedner
    Dr. Leonard J. Fliedner is principal and serves for 17 years.
  • $2-million interior reconstruction is completed during his early tenure, and single session restored.
  • The Fencing Team wins the Castello Trophy, City Championship, and Championship of the Eastern Seaboard.
  • New Stuyvesant HS Alumni Association is established, led by Dr. Irving C. Fischer '27, a prominent NY OB-GYN.
  • All but a few graduates go on to higher education, a Stuyvesant norm now.
  • Football wins City Championship.
  • Undefeated Math team wins City. Fencing is PSAL Champion.
  • Chess Team is City Champion.
  • Baseball beats Franklin in the third playoff game to win the Manhattan Championship.
  • Fiftieth Anniversary of Stuyvesant HS in June '54.

'55 Notable Graduates

  • Stephen Berger '55 Chairman, Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC. Executive Director, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Melvyn E. Bergstein, '55 Co-founder/chairman, Diamond Cluster International; Widely known leader in the information technology consulting industry; partner, Arthur Andersen Consulting; director, Simon Property Group
  • Michael Alan Bleyman, PhD '55 Founder/executive director, Carnivore Preservation Trust, Pittsboro, NC; International Scientific Coordinator, Institute of Sustainable Tropical Resource Management; director, Carnivore Evolutionary Research Institute
  • Gus Constantin '55 CEO, Phoenix American Inc., San Rafael, CA
  • Arthur Damond '55 Editor and Publisher of Wine Discoveries; Journalist and news editor; Sports Editor, TV Guide; Selected by NY Times wine editor, as the country's foremost expert on inexpensive wine.
  • Claude Erbsen '55 Vice President and Director of World Services, Associated Press; director, World Press International; senior consultant, the INNOVATION International Media Consulting Group.
  • Arnold Goldschlager, MD '55 Cardiologist, SF Bay Area; Assoc. Professor, UCSF Medical School; Founder of Air Ambulance, Calif. & Hawaii; Internationally recognized big game hunter.
  • Irwin Goldstein, PhD ’55 Vice chancellor, academic affairs. University System of Maryland; Full professor, psychology, University of Maryland, College Park, Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences; fellow, American Psychological Ass'n, American Psychological Society, and Human Factors Society
  • Roald Hoffmann, PhD '55 Nobel Laureate (1981), Chemistry; Professor, Cornell; American Chemical Society; National Academy of Sciences; Author, Chemical Sciences in the 20th Century: Bridging Boundaries and Old Wine, New Flasks: Reflections on Science and Jewish Tradition; Published poet, Soliton, Oxygen, and Memory Effects
  • Seymour Kaufman '55, Crosslink Capital, San Francisco, CA
  • Stephen P. Maran, PhD '55 Astrophysicist and expert on comets; Namesake of an asteroid he discovered; Assistant Director for Space Sciences at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center; author of ten books, the latest, Astronomy for Dummies available in French, German, Chinese, and Russian; Klumpke-Roberts Award (Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
  • Edmar Mednis '55 Chess grandmaster, world class competitor; chess author, How to Beat Bobby Fischer
  • Richard Louis Miller, PhD '55 Clinical Psychologist, U. of Michigan Medical School; Founding director, California School for Professional Psychology; Founder, Cokenders Alcohol and Drug Program; National VP, Parkside Medical Services; CEO, Wilbur Hot Springs Health Sanctuary; Columnist; radio host; motorcyclist; triathlete
  • Allen G. Rosenshine '55 Chairman, BBDO Worldwide; Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer; The Partnership for a Drug-Free America
  • Solomon S. Steiner, PhD ’55 Chairman/CEO, Global Positioning Group, Danbury, CT; pharmaceuticals and medical devices, for drug delivery, diabetes, central nervous system diseases; Founder, Pharmaceutical Discovery Corp; Professor: adjunct, NY Medical College; research, NYU; physiological psychology, CCNY; Chair, CCNY Graduate Program in Neuro-cognition; concert master as SHS student; Director/Chairman, Planned Giving, The Campaign for Stuyvesant/ Alumni(ae) & Friends Endowment Fund, Inc.

The Wider World

  • Nov.1954, Dwight Eisenhower (Ike) is reelected.
  • Dec. 2, 1954, the Senate votes to condemn Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R Wis., for "conduct that tends to bring the Senate into dishonor and disrepute."
  • Apr. 4, 1955, 25 Japanese girls and women--the "Hiroshima Maidens"--arrive in NYC for reconstructive surgery by William Hitzig, MD '22 at Mt. Sinai Hospital.


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • The Cheering Squad includes girls from nearby high schools
  • Stuyvesant swimmers break an eight-year record in the medley race.

'56 Notable Graduates

  • John Banzhaf III ’56 Professor of Law, George Washington University Law School; Founder, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
  • Stanley E. Cahn '56 Financial Planner, Wachovia Securities, Hilton Head, SC
  • Jay Freeman '56 Author, From Brooklyn / I Saw Mountains
  • Steven E. Gross, Esq. '56 Co-chairman/Managing Partner, Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross; Vice-Chair, The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey; Board Member/Legal Counsel, Prosperity New Jersey; Board Member, Papermill Playhouse
  • Leon J. Hoffman, PhD ‘56 Clinical Psychologist; fellow, American Group Psychiatry Association; diplomate, American Academy of Group Psychology; advisory council, Amateur Chamber Music Players
  • David Katz ’56 President, OmniMath Inc., NY, NY
  • Saul B. Katz '56 Co-Founder/President, Sterling Equities; President, New York Mets and the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball teams; General Partner, SP Capital Management; Honorary Chair of the Board, North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System
  • William T. Nicholas ’56 Criminal Administrative Judge, Montgomery County, PA

The Wider World

  • Aug.1955, Fourteen year old Emmett Till is murdered in Mississippi for supposedly whistling at a white woman; the men tried for Emmett’s murder are acquitted, and the case remains unsolved. In the 1990s a documentary filmmaker, Keith Beauchamp, uncovers new information that leads to public pressure for the federal government to investigate the case.
  • GI Bill of Rights provides educational benefits for 7.8 million veterans, strengthening US economy after WWII.


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • The first major renovations of the building are completed.
  • Foundries are removed to make room for the east and west cafeterias, and a new library is built.
  • The double session is finally eliminated, and all students began attending school from 8:40 to 3:00 for the first time in years.
  • A new curriculum includes a wider range of electives and more rigorous graduation requirements.

'57 Notable Graduates

  • Gerry L. Golub, CPA '57 Chairman and CEO, American Express Tax & Business Services
  • William Hecht ’57 VP/CEO, MIT Alumni Association
  • Leonard S. Hyman '57 Internationally recognized financial analyst and economist; president, Private Sector Advisors; VP, Merrill Lynch Utility Research; author, America's Electric Utilities: Past Present and Future
  • George Kalbouss, PhD '57 Associate Professor, Slavic Languages, Ohio State University; Author, Russian Culture
  • Jeffrey H. Loria ’57 Owner, major league baseball team, World Champion Florida Marlins (2003); All-City second baseman, Stuyvesant H.S.
  • Bernard Salick, MD '57 Salick Group Holdings Ltd., LLC; Nephrologist; Medical Entrepreneur; Founder of Cancer and Cardiovascular Comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment Centers
  • Joseph Shenker '57 Provost, C.W. Post College; President, Bank Street College of Education

The Wider World

  • Sep. 9, 1956, Elvis Presley appears on national TV for the first time on the Ed Sullivan Show.


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • Former President Harry S. Truman visits Stuyvesant and speaks with students about the importance of education, especially in the sciences.
  • A survey finds that Stuyvesant graduates earned more PhDs than the alumni of any other high school in the US. The Box Seat, a sports magazine, is founded.
  • Vector, a physics, chemistry and astronomy magazine, is revived after a lapse of 2 years.
  • Math Survey, a mathematics magazine, is started.
  • The Radio-club re-establishes its "ham" radio station.
  • The Photography club makes 35mm color slides of school activities.

'58 Notable Graduates

  • Stan Altman, PhD '58 Professor, CCNY, Princeton, Stony Brook, and Baruch; Dean and Deputy to the President, Stony Brook; Dean of Public Affairs, Baruch; Founder/President of People & Concepts, Mini Computer Analysis, and Institute of Public Services; numerous honors and fellowships
  • Peter Biskind '58 Author, Down and Dirty Pictures, Easy Riders, and Raging Bulls; contributor, Vanity Fair; executive editor, Premiere magazine Artheur
  • Martin Goldstein ’58 Clinical Professor, Obstetrics Gynecology, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY, NY
  • Sheldon L. Goodman '58 Investment Executive, North Star Investment Services; trustee, Interlochen Center for the Arts &
  • Jerald A. Halpern, PhD '58 Marine Biologist; Biology teacher, former professor and researcher; Nationally ranked college fencer; namesake of two asteroids - one a starfish (Tamaria Halperni), and the other orbiting the sun, in honor of his mentoring a Science Talent Search finalist
  • Andrew Kaplan '58 Author, Hour of the Assassins, Scorpion, Dragonfire, and War of the Raven; Founder/CEO, technology companies: Andrew Kaplan Associates and Learning Adventures; in Israel, helped start the University of the Negev (now Ben Gurion University) and the Israel Olympic Fencing Team
  • Theodore W. Makarewicz '58 Army colonel; Fulton Country Schools, GA, Director of Purchasing
  • Donald Mitzner '58 President, CBS Cable
  • Michael N. Rosen, Esq. '58 Board secretary/director, Barnes & Noble; partner/executive committee, Bryan Cave Robinson Silverman, NY, NY
  • David Sarnoff '58 Honorary Chairman, Radio Corporation of America at June 1958 Graduation, with diploma
  • Rick Traum '58, above General Sarnoff
  • Stuart Balaban '58, with hand on General Sarnoff's shoulder
  • Robert R. Timberg '58 Baltimore Sun deputy chief, Washington Bureau; author, The Nightingale's Song, John McCain: An American Odyssey, & State of Grace: A memoir of Twilight Time; Harvard Nieman Fellow; marine, Vietnam veteran

The Wider World

  • The Sputnik Satellite
    Oct. 4, 1957, The Soviet Union launches Sputnik I.
  • Velcro invented


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • Ed Slisky Co-Captains "The Peglegs" football team, and earns All-City tackle honors.
  • Dr. John J. Theobald '22 is the new NYC Superintendent of Schools, until 1962.
  • Joshua Lederberg, PhD ’41 wins the Nobel Prize in Medicine, 1958.

'59 Notable Graduates

  • William Berkowitz ‘59 President, Dreyfus Liquid Assets; President, Reich & Tang Mutual Funds Group; VP/Board member, Gabelli Asset Growth, Equitable Life's money market mutual funds, and Speers, Benzak, Solomon and Farrell Funds; established William and Dale S. Berkowitz Family Foundation; Art collector/patron in Sarasota, Fl
  • Charles DeFanti, PhD '59 Professor, English, Kean College, NJ; author, The Wages of Expectation: A Biography of Edward Dahlberg
  • Morton Fleischner '59 ABC News producer/writer
  • Joel D. Kellman ’59 Managing director/founder, Granite Global Ventures; co-founder, Silicon Valley law firm Fenwick & West and KLM Capital; advisor, Singapore Inc.; director, Qpass, 2Wire, Xenoport, and Oculex Pharmaceuticals
  • George D. Marlow ’59 Supreme Court Justice, NY Appellate Division
  • Charles H. Silver '59 Honorary Industrialist, philanthropist, civic leader; president, NYC Board of Education; VP, American Woolen; President, Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Sheldon E. Steinbach, Esq. '59 VP/General Counsel, Government & Public Affairs, American Council on Education

The Wider World

  • 1958, Bell’s modem data phone enables telephone lines to transmit binary data.
  • Jan. 1, 1959, Fidel Castro leads Cuban revolutionaries to victory over Fulgencio Batista.
  • Jan. 3, 1959, President Eisenhower signs a proclamation admitting Alaska to the Union as the 49th state.


Stuyvesant and NYC Public Schools

  • Stuyvesantians Albert Axelrod '38 and Joe Paletta '54 are on USA Olympic Fencing Team in Rome; Axelrod wins Bronze Medal in foil.
  • Graduation students heckle Principal Fliedner, which leads the principal to cancel graduation.
  • Mel Shaftel sets a new meet record in the shot put.
  • The Nucleus, a science magazine, is established.
  • Jeff Checkes '60 is Capt. of City Champ fencing team; Jeff competed in foil at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

'60 Notable Graduates

  • Richard Ben-Veniste, Esq '60 Watergate prosecutor; Democratic Counsel, Whitewater Committee; Member, US Commission on Terrorism
  • George M. Bergman, PhD '60 Professor, mathematics, University of CA, Berkeley; Author, Invitation to General Algebra and Universal Constructions
  • Arthur Blank '60 Philanthropist; Founder/CEO, Home Depot, Atlanta, GA; Owner, Atlanta Falcons; Arthur Blank '60 Fund for Football, The Campaign for Stuyvesant/Endowment Fund, Inc.
  • Michael J. Droller, MD '60 Professor/chairman, urology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Editor-in-Chief, Urologic Oncology
  • David Fischer, MD '60 Psychiatrist, Washington, DC; son of Irving Fischer, MD '27; Founder/President, SHS Alumni & Scholarship Association (1954)
  • Marv Goldberg '60 Music historian in the field of Rhythm & Blues; author of More Than Words Can Say: The Ink Spots And Their Music, as well as over 250 articles about R&B performers; host of a weekly internet music show
  • Melvin Hochster '60 Professor, mathematics, University of Michigan; Member, National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Cole Prize winner
  • Joseph V. Hollweg, PhD '60 Solar Astrophysicist, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, University of New Hampshire; fellow, American Geophysical Union
  • Randolph Jackson ’60 NYS Supreme Court Justice; Life member, NAACP; Bible teacher, empowerment consultant, motivational speaker and arts patron; author, How to Get a Fair Trial by Jury and Black People in the Bible
  • Allan Katz, MD '60 Chairman, radiology, St. Petersburg, FL General Hospital (SPGH) and Edward White Hospital; moderator, Board of Trustees, SPGH
  • Robert Ira Lewy, MD '60 Pioneer in coagulation research in cardiology; Faculty, Baylor College of Medicine and University of Texas Health Science Center; donated gift worth over $1 million to establish Dr. Robert Ira Lewy MD Multimedia Center at Stuyvesant
  • Jack T. Litman, Esq. '60 Criminal defense lawyer; Sr. Partner, Litman, Ashe, and Gioiella
  • Robert J. Lopatin, MD '60 Oldest graduate, at 55, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Executive, Evelyn Pearson, ladies garment manufacturer
  • Matthew J. Mallow, Esq. ’60 Partner/Attorney, head of Corporate Finance Group, Skadden Arps; Treasurer, Board of Directors, Brown University
  • Stanley Rothschild, MD '60 Orthopedist, Washington, DC
  • Mel A. Shaftel '60 Investment banker, Lehman Brothers and Rosetta Partners
  • Elliot R. Siegel, PhD '60 Medical Informatics, National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health

The Wider World

  • Feb. 1, 1960, Four black college students sit-in at a lunch counter where they had been denied service in Greensboro, N.C.
  • May 1, 1960 The USSR shoots down a US U-2 reconnaissance plane near Sverdlovsk and captures the pilot, Francis Gary Powers.