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In Loving Memory

The Campaign for Stuyvesant/ Alumni(ae) & Friends Endowment Fund, Inc.

P.O. 2626
Peter Stuyvesant Station
New York, NY 10009


610 West 115th Street
New York, NY 10025-7771
(212) 222-9112

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The Campaign for Stuyvesant/Alumni(ae) & Friends Endowment Fund, Inc., is dedicated to building an endowment fund to provide financial assistance to further the mission of New York City's Stuyvesant High School.

The Campaign for Stuyvesant

Alumni(ae) & Friends Endowment Fund, Inc.
PO 2626
Peter Stuyvesant Station
New York, NY 10009


610 West 115th Street
New York, New York 10025-7771
P: 212-222-9112

F: 212-663-7771

The Campaign for Stuyvesant/Alumni(ae) & Friends Endowment Fund, Inc. was founded in New York State, December, 1999. It is an alumni(ae)-based non-profit organization. Its goal is to create a $12 million endowment to benefit the student body of Stuyvesant High School. The Campaign/Endowment Fund, Inc. has its own independent board of directors and is neither supported nor controlled by the NYC Department of Education (formerly the Board of Education), its employees, or any other entity

Board of Directors

Paul M. Weichsel, PhD ’49
Founding Director, 1999                        Honorary National Chairman                           Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Jeff Kestler, Esq. ’64
Mountainside, New Jersey

B. Dean Angelakos ’81
New York, New York

Art Lifson '63*
Rockville, MD                                                    *in memoriam

Solomon S. Steiner, PhD ’55
Mt. Kisco, New York

Daniel Jaye
Township of Washington, NJ


Mel Shaftel, MBA ’60
New York, New York

Neil Grabois, PhD ’53
New York, New York

M. Felix Freshwater, MD ’64
Miami, Florida

Mort Fleischner ’59
White Plains, New York
Philip Lehman, PhD '72
Pittsburgh, PA
Tara Allmen, MD '82
New York, NY

Raymond Fong, MD ’73
New York, NY


Campaign Staff

Neal H. Hurwitz ’62
Executive Director
(646) 884-0594

Josh Ralske
Development Associate
(212) 222-9112

Volunteer & Professional Resources

Paul Levitz '73
Chairman, Editorial Committee, Centennial Book on Stuyvesant HS 1904-2004

Gerry Golub, CPA '57                                    Retired Managing Partner, Goldstein Golub Kessler LLP

Dara Weinerman
Associate Director Emeritus, Development & Program Services

Paul Hyman '61
Campaign Photographer

Cary Aminoff '61
Co-Chairman, Finance Committee

Thomas A. Panas
Consultant to the Director for Media and Communications

David Katz '56
Co-Producer, Website, and Advisor to the Director

Robert I. Lesser
Campaign Legal Counsel, Greenblatt, Softness & Lesser, LLP

Michael Kaye

Square Squared, LLC
Web site design and implementation

United Forms Finishing
Printing and mailing services